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Unique Program & Traditions

Long-range projects at Massanutten are typically interdisciplinary. Often in schools, content areas are isolated from one another. Consequently, students do not understand the connections between different content areas. At Massanutten, we have an interdisciplinary approach to teaching so that students discover the "interconnected-ness" of different content areas. As a result, many projects, especially the mid-term and final projects, are graded by all of our teachers, with each grading the project to decide how well a student masters the content and skills relevant to that teacher's course. This is not approach traditionally used in secondary schools, but we feel it enhances the learning experience of our students.

Each student at MRGS is required to engage in a year-long research project. Students must: identify a problem (a problem related to Environmental Science is preferred, but not required), conduct real-world research and data related to the problem selected, and identify potential solutions to the problem. We understand that in the real-world there is seldom one correct answer; therefore, students must defend their solution to their teachers and peers. Some examples of research projects include: genotyping of bed bugs, existence of lacritin in sweat, construction of an aquaponics system, active solar panel system, drip irrigation system, and a hydroponics system.

To enable our students to engage in hand-on, real-life learning opportunities, students regularly go on field experiences within the natural environment, including the Shenandoah River, the forest, and local farms. To allow our students to be involved in hands-on experiences throughout the year, even when the weather does not allow them to be outside, MRGS has a greenhouse and a high tunnel. Furthermore, the school has an anemometer to determine feasibility for a wind turbine in the future.

MRGS students have the opportunity to participate in extracurriculuar activities through their home school. However, MRGS does have an Envirothon team and a Model U.N. club.