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The mission of MVGS is to present a research-based, technology-enhanced, integrated program in mathematics, science, and the humanities. The program challenges students to reach their full potential as independent thinkers capable of assuming leadership roles in a constantly changing global society.


The learning environment of Mountain Vista Governor's School is designed to provide students with a rigorous educational experience by:

  • Cultivating a collaborative, supportive regional community of academically talented and highly motivated learners that celebrates intellectual diversity.
  • Providing investigative learning experiences that integrate disciplines.
  • Engaging students in research and extended learning through a discovery approach patterned after activities of scholars and professionals.
  • Developing producers of knowledge as well as consumers of knowledge.
  • Preparing self-reliant, critical thinkers who excel at advanced levels of education and apply knowledge to real world challenges.
  • Creating opportunities for service and leadership in both school and community.
  • Establishing community partnerships to enhance learning opportunities.

  • Vision

    MVGS students engage in the investigation of scholarly knowledge through an active, constructive learning environment. Students are expected to become fluent in the processes of mathematics and science, reinforced by a deep understanding of the humanities.

    Through research, students learn to use standard technological tools for data analysis and authentic problem-solving.

    Through personal investigation and reflection, students are challenged to derive meaning from learning.

    Through practical application, students reach their fullest potential.

    Through collaboration with peers, teachers, and mentors, students generate and communicate useful solutions to problems of the local and global community.