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Unique Program & Traditions

The faculty of Mountain Vista Governor's School collaborate to integrate knowledge and skills from all disciplines in a variety of ways:

  • Scientific and mathematical knowledge are examined in historical and cultural contexts.
  • Mathematics courses and the science courses are taught collaboratively.
  • Environmental science is a component of the physics and biology courses.
  • Students are challenged to see how the process of science and the knowledge gained through science impacts the cultures and politics of the world.
  • Students analyze and critique scientific thought against the background of Western philosophy, literature, and the arts.
  • Students utilize their technical writing skills while conducting scientific investigations and presenting their findings.
  • Students are challenged through research to see that all knowledge crosses multiple disciplines.

  • The faculty of Mountain Vista Governor's School integrate technology into all courses:

  • Students carry out investigations using computer-aided, data-collecting probes and sensors.
  • Students use graphing software to manipulate and analyze data collected during laboratory investigations.
  • Students utilize Internet resources to gather background information throughout the courses.
  • Students engage in distance learning via multi-site video conferencing and/or on-line instruction.
  • Students use technology to develop and deliver presentations of their research findings in a publishable format.
  • Faculty use technology in instructional presentations.
  • Faculty utilize web-communication systems for off-site instruction, and students will utilize it to prepare and submit assignments. (e.g., weather-related or other scheduling issues negatively impacting on-site instruction)

  • The MVGS promotes an active learning environment through a variety of activities.

    Robotics Team
    Each year, the MVGS Robotics Teams are challenged to build a robots designed to perform a specific task. The teams enter local competitions where the robot performs the task and scores points for the team.

    Rocketry Team
    MVGS Rocketry Teams participate in Team America Rocketry Challenge. Modeled after the aerospace industry, students design, fabricate and test their rockets and work within specific design limits. Teams are challenged to reach a precise altitude and flight time and land without cracking a raw egg.

    MVGS Fall Project Showcase
    Each year MVGS holds a Fall Project Showcase where first year students demonstrate their knowledge of linear and rotational mechanics by launching water balloons at a target of up to 50 meters away. Throughout the kinematics unit, students work in groups to design and construct a water balloon launcher capable of accurately launching water balloons through a range of distances.

    Second year students design and build electric cars. Students must consider speed, braking capability, and centering control of their cars. During the Fall Project Showcase, students are challenged to calibrate their cars to travel in a straight line and stop at a specified distance.

    MVGS World's Fair
    Modeled after the traditional World's Fairs, our gives Mountain Vista students a chance to design creative products to achieve state of the art innovations.

    World's Fair visitors receive MVGS "checks" which they use to invest in a favorite product. MVGS students promote their inventions to the visitors and attempt to "sell" their gadgets.