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Our mission is to provide an environment in which members of our learning community are inspired and empowered to learn, create and serve. SVGS has programs designed to meet the unique needs of gifted and highly motivated 11th and 12th grade students. grade students. Students may attend in one of three broad curriculum areas, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Visual Arts with Humanities, and Theatre Arts with Humanities.

The purpose of SVGS is to provide an integrated math, science and technology program and an integrated arts and humanities program in a unique environment. SVGS further distinguishes its programs from most area schools through extensive teamwork among faculty members to plan common activities that support concepts and skills being developed in all classes. SVGS works with local gifted and talented coordinators in the schools and curriculum specialists to develop custom outreach programs that address the particular interests and needs of their students.

Unique Learning Environment

SVGS provides a unique environment in which individuals explore the interconnections between technology and (1) mathematics and sciences or (2) the arts and humanities. Well equipped science laboratories, studios and technology provide students with a learning environment particularly suited to the needs of gifted learners. Work areas of varying size are provided to promote group and individual activities in informal settings. The Arts and Humanities(AH) program utilizes an extensive "community campus" to offer students experiences in professional spaces with professional artists and artisans. Students in the arts regularly work off-site in professional performance and exhibition spaces. It is truly a "student-centered" environment.

The school presents a unique educational environment in which individuals explore the interconnections between and enhance their experiences in science, mathematics, the arts, humanities and technology. SVGS provides students with the knowledge, skills, discipline and attitudes necessary for further advanced study at institutions of higher education and successful careers.