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Unique Program & Traditions

SVGS is a Unique Program

In both our STEM and Arts & Humanities program, curriculum revolves around practical, professional and individualized experiences.

In the STEM program, emphasis is placed on applied problem solving in research and engineering, professional communication of ideas and work, collaboration and personal responsibility. There is a strong integration between the STEM disciplines through collaborative projects, field work and curriculum development.

The Arts & Humanities program focuses on a historical context for the arts, critical analysis, refining and developing artistic skills and work with professional artists and individual growth as a student and an artist. Students work intensively with professional artists in eight week workshops.

SVGS has Unique Traditions

SVGS Electrical Vehicle Team
The Electric Vehicle program has offered students opportunities to apply engineering, electronics, physics, chemistry, business communications, and computer technology in a competitive arena of EV autocross events across the country.

SVGS Robotics Team
The Robotics program offers similar opportunities for students with emphasis on electrical engineering and computer programming.

SVGS International Exchange
The International Exchange program offers SVGS students a chance to interact with international students from Colegiul National "Mihai Viteazul", Bucharest, Romania and the Korean Science Academy, Busan, South Korea. International students from these schools stay with SVGS students and their family for ten days. SVGS students travel to visit these schools later in the year. This program is based on immersion into the culture and collaboration with international peers.

SVGS Art Exhibits and Productions
SVGS students routinely showcase their talents in art exhibits and performances in many different arenas. Some of these include the Virginia Theater Association conference, ShenArts, P. Buckley Moss Art Show, SVGS Annual Student Exhibition at Shenandoah Valley Art Center, Annual Youth Art Month Show at the R.R. Smith Center, P. Buckley Moss Annual Student Exhibition and Frontier Culture Museum.
SVGS Senior Capstone Projects
All seniors who entered the program their junior year are required to complete a capstone project. The Capstone Project is a long-term project embedded in a specific aspect of the SVGS curriculum whose intent is to encourage students to reach beyond their academic work, extending and enhancing the traditional school experience outside of the classroom. The purpose of the Capstone Project is to provide students a unique opportunity to apply and develop academic and professional skills and interests in designing and implementing an authentic learning experience. Projects may be service learning, mentorships or independent studies/creative products.

SVGS Outreach
SVGS offers programs to gifted and talented students and their teachers in grades 4 through 8 from the elementary and middle feeder schools of the school divisions we serve. Twelve full-time and several part-time adjunct instructors work with the students and teachers. SVGS students frequently assist the teachers, and occasionally develop and teach outreach activities as part of their SVGS classes or service. Each year, around 1000 young visitors visit SVGS for these programs.