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Our mission is to give intellectually gifted high school students the opportunity to achieve their academic potential by providing an accelerated and enriched science and mathematics learning environment of exceptional quality, setting the pace for excellence in science and mathematics education in Southwest Virginia. We recognize that our students are not merely participants in the Governor's School program, they are the program itself. To remain vital, we will carefully plan our future curriculum and growth based on the ever-changing needs and interests of our students, the school systems supporting them, and the business community who will be their future employers.

Unique Learning Environment

The Southwest Virginia Governor's School (SWVGS) is one of only nineteen Academic Year Governor's School in Virginia. SWVGS gives students the opportunity to take responsibility for their learning, develop their identities, and prepare for their futures. SWVGS provides challenging academic courses as well as chances to participate in real world opportunities while encouraging students to explore connections between mathematics, science, and technology. All students have the experience of conducting and presenting an independent research project and learn how to make contributions to the scientific community. The experience of being a Governor's School student reaches beyond the classroom. Students leave with more than just knowledge because the SWVGS motivates students to compete and stretch beyond previous limits. SWVGS prepares students for future academic competition in college, shortens time to undergraduate degree completion, and prepares students for math and science careers.