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Rigorous Academics

The accelerated, differentiated, and enriched science and mathematics curriculum, designed to meet the needs and interests of gifted and high-achieving learners, allows students to earn more than 45 college credits at no cost to students or families.

The dual-enrolled core curriculum at SWVGS is designed to meet the needs of students with aptitude and interest in science and mathematics. The Governor's School provides challenges to gifted students while cultivating intellectual growth, fostering dedication to academic discipline, and developing skills in research.

All students are required to be enrolled in at least one lab-based course and one nonelective mathematics course each semester. Certain courses such as statistics, study skills, career education, and science and technology seminar and project are required for all SWVGS students.

The science curricula are designed to build a strong foundation in the basic sciences, while also providing students with the knowledge necessary to conduct research investigations and to understand and appreciate the connections among different fields of science as well as the interdisciplinary nature of advanced scientific explorations.
The study of mathematics is highly differentiated to meet the varied needs and interests of the students served. An exhaustive range of courses is offered and instructors focus on ensuring that students develop strong math skills, independent of a calculator, so that they are able to complete required calculations in a given field of science or research.

Students develop skills in active learning, consistent study practices, and time-management to maximize their success. They also shadow someone in an occupation that interests them during the eight week junior internship program. This opportunity assists students in finalizing college major choices and, for many, cements their decision to pursue a science and math related career.

Technology and computer programming are part of numerous devices used on a daily basis. Many SWVGS students design fully functional electronic devices incorporating skills in engineering, electronics, design, and programming. Laser alarm clocks, automatic sheet music advancers, and an electrocardiogram monitor are examples of equipment students created using skills acquired in Governor's School courses.