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Unique Program & Traditions

GSSV emphasizes the importance of community outreach. Each year, both sites participate in a variety of student-initiated events. In November 2012, the senior class at Keysville provided an Alice in Wonderland-themed experience for over 165 fifth graders from the seven counties that serve the site. Students were able to participate in a variety of games, activities, and stations, including falling down a rabbit hole and visiting a petting zoo. The seniors chose the topic, planned the event all summer, and produced a fun, educational activity for these young people. The Alberta site is currently preparing to perform Robin Hood for the middle school students from the counties that serve that site. Students have been hard at work on practicing their lines and designing their costumes.

GSSV encourages students to compete in a variety of activities. One annual competition that the Alberta juniors compete in is the American Chemical Society (Virginia Section) Chemistry Olympiad. Students participate in an examination that assesses their competence in chemistry concepts. Our students have performed very well in the competition, with a number of students receiving awards each year.