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Unique Program & Traditions

Students at GS@IP have the opportunity to choose a particular science strand so that they are able to gain college-level knowledge and experiences in their area of scientific interest, yet in an environment that supports differentiated instruction and risk-taking for gifted and talented students.

The research experience at GS@IP offers opportunities for students to explore their career interests and collaborate with experts from the field or industry. The location of GS@IP offers opportunities for our students to focus real-world research with possibilities for mentors from area engineering firms and scientists from the university.

Students also have multiple opportunities to showcase their research including at GS@IP's Annual Research Symposium held every May, Science Fairs, and Engineering Fairs.

GS@IP students also participate in multiple programs of their choice each year.

  • Real World Design Challenge (RWDC)
    Each year, GS@IP students compete in the Real World Design Challenge which is an annual competition run by a public-private partnership with the goal of sustainably increasing the STEM workforce by bringing professional engineering resources to the classroom. GS@IP Innovation Park RWDC Teams have successfully earned the Virginia Governor's Cup award in past years, and have been allowed to compete in the national finals competition which is held every April.

  • Robotics
    GS@IP offers students the option to take an Introduction to Robotics course or to participate as a member of the GS@IP Vex Robotic Team as part of the program's goal of preparing student's to be competitive in the 21st automation.

  • Competitions
    GS@IP students compete in the annual regional National Ocean Sciences Bowl held in February during which their knowledge of scientific and technical disciplines are tested.

  • CyberChallenge
    GS@IP students compete in the annual Virginia Governor's CyberChallenge which is a state-wide initiative to assist students in gaining expertise and skills in the field of advanced technical cybersecurity.

  • American Mathematics Competitions
    Students from GS@IP take the AMC 10/12 examinations which are given to generate an interest and develop talent in the mathematics field through the excitement of solving challenging mathematics problems in a competition-based environment.

  • Aspiring Scientists Technologists Engineers and Mathematicians (ASTEM) Event
    GS@IP students hold an annual ASTEM event as part of the service-learning component of the programduring which they develop and teach STEM concepts to prospective students in grades 7-10.

  • Field Trips
    Students at GS@IP often take field trips to local places and/or events that support field learning in their areas of interest. Students interested in the aviation field were able to tour the Boeing 787 Aircraft to learn about the research and design process of the aircraft prior to its commercialization in the U.S.