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Rigorous Academics

BRVGS Core Curriculum

9th Grade: World History/Technology Through The Ages
This course incorporates the Standards of Learning for World History I and II, and focuses on the development and use of technology throughout history. Field trips include the University of Virginia and Washington, DC. Students also collaborate to research, develop, and present semester-long projects. Students receive two credits for this course.

10th Grade: AP Biology / Biotechnology *
This course incorporates Advanced Placement Biology and the study of modern biotechnology. Students participate in college level laboratory projects and develop, research and present group projects on bioethical issues. Students receive two credits for this course.

11th Grade: Computer Science
Primarily a JAVA programming course, Computer Science is taught on-line through Blackboard, which is a popular "virtual classroom" used at many colleges and universities. Students collaborate on programming solutions to problems that they identify and research, and then present their results to their peers. . Students receive one credit for this course.

12th Grade: Senior Internship
Seniors identify specific subjects of interest for research, internship and community service projects. Students present the results of their research and experiences to panels of evaluators at the end of their senior year. Students receive one credit for this course.

The primary focus for BRVGS is a continuously spiralled 9-12 skills curriculum, in which students learn, practice, and master skills in each of the following areas:
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Time and information management
  • Productive use of technology
  • Ethics
  • Public Presentation
  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Research and Writing