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The Governor's School for the Arts is a center for innovation that develops excellence, nurtures creativity, inspires artistic vision and builds communities with a passion for the arts.

Goals supporting the mission are:

  • Prepare students to engage the arts thoughtfully and creatively while becoming life-long learners and advocates of the arts.
  • Offer instruction through classes, performances, and in cross-disciplinary opportunities by a faculty of professional instructors, artists, and mentors.
  • Provide exceptional performance and exhibition experiences in state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Prepare and inspire students to meet the most rigorous admission requirements of colleges, universities, conservatories, internships and other career opportunities.
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for students to use their talents in service to others.
  • Create relationships with educational organizations and partnerships with arts organizations and the community at large.
  • Build audiences to appreciate and enjoy the arts within the community.