Role of Local School Boards Regarding Academic Year Governor's Schools

Academic Year Governor's Schools are secondary gifted programs for students. The programs allow participants to be part of regional communities of learners of similar academic aptitude. Academic Year Governor's Schools are included as part of the local plans for the gifted as a curriculum program for high school students.

Academic Year Governor's Schools are funded through joint arrangements involving the participating school divisions and the Virginia Department of Education. In many cases, local school divisions fund a per pupil fee for each student from a given division attending the Governor's School program. Other school divisions contribute to Academic Year Governor's Schools by providing teachers, facilities, and other contributions.

Each participating school district selects one member of their School Board to serve on the Governing Board of the Academic Year Governor's School. Policies related to the development, implementation, and operation of the individual programs are generated through the combined efforts of the Academic Year Governor's School Governing Board, Steering Committees, Advisory Councils, school administrators, and faculty members.